Uses for the CSI-CY

While the CSI-CY was designed primarily as a guide to help special educators and speech pathologists in educational planning for students with complex communication needs, there are other ways in which it can be useful:

1. Educational Planning Both professionals and parents can use the CSI-CY to bring their concerns and expectations to their student's IEP meeting.

2. In-service training  Often, teachers and therapist have only one or two students with complex communication needs on their caseload. The CSI-CY can be a useful guide to training your staff to address all that  is involved in successful communication when working with students with CCN.

3. Pre-service training Likewise, the CSI-CY can serve as a curriculum guide to introduce students in training programs to the complexity of communication, for students with CCN and communication in general.  The CSI-CY suggests the importance of starting with participation in order to understand communication.

4. Template for electronic medical records The AAC code set developed for the CSI-CY can be used to integrate AAC concerns into electronic medical records.

5. Research The CSI-CY can serve as a metric for characterizing a research cohort of students with complex communication needs. See for a current research project that includes the CSI-CY.